What’s Your Top Five

Let’s just get this out of the way. I am a humongous Chris Rock fan. He is my favorite comedy by a significant margin. So I’m admitting my bias up front. Chris Rock has been quiet on the silver screen for a bit now. Why wouldn’t he be? Grown Ups 2 was pretty awful. His last starring role was the lukewarm Death at a Funeral. Top Five feels like a reboot, a bare bones movie. He is dropping the theatrics and the ensemble cast, focusing on a few characters and a single day’s interaction.

Top Five follows the day in the life of Andre Allen. A successful comedian turned movie star. He rose to fame doing comedies, and now he wants to do more serious roles. His fire for comedy is gone and he doesn’t want to do jokes anymore. He is in NYC to promote his new movie “Uprize”, which is about the Haitian rebellion. Chelsea Brown is a report from the times, and is tasked to follow Andre for the day for piece about him and his new movie. It’s a day in the life version of him as he faces what many consider to be a mid-life crisis. How much of an allegory is this story to Chris Rock we may never know, but this film puts him at his best. Giving plenty of commentary about society , sex, celebrity and more.


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