All aboard the Snowpiercer

I heard that Chris Evans, aka Captain America, was in a South Korea sci fi thriller. That may have been enough for me to watch Snowpiercer on its own, but I didn’t make it a priority. Movies like this usually have two fates in store from them. A swift death followed by a decent into obscurity or it gains a cult following, an under-appreciated gem. I started seeing it mentioned more often, so I finally gave it a go. So which will it be, had to find out for myself.

In a not so distant future global warming is becoming a serious issue. A mission to release a chemical into the atmosphere will bring down temperatures. Unfortunately the mission works too well and forces falls into another ice age. The only survivors inhabit a massive globe running train called the Snowpiercer.  The rich live in comfort in the front of the train, while the poor live in harsh cramped conditions in the back. After 17 years of these conditions, the inhabitants of the rear car are preparing to lead a revolt.


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