All things considered Equal?

Not to long ago, I wrote an article about 4 movies that probably aren’t on your radar. The Equalizer is the first film on that list to be released. The Equalizer is Denzel Washington’s take into what I think most people are comfortable labeling as Liam Neeson Movie Territory. The old and battered ex solider/secret agent who can still dish out huge amounts of damage if the situation calls for it. While Liam Neeson might be currently basking in this light, Denzel has been there before with movies like Man on Fire or the Book of Eli.

This films celebrates the reunion of Denzel Washington with the Director that finally landed him an Oscar, Antonie Fuqua. The story follows Robert McHall who is a retired and widowed. As such he lives a very quiet and solitary life. He suffers from insomnia, often electing to spend his evenings at a local diner reading and drinking coffee. Soon he finds himself in situations that he realizes he can be of help and elects to no longer take a back seat.


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4 Upcoming Movies Probably Not On Your Radar

We are officially half way done with 2014, and its been a pretty good year for films.  With plenty of movies still coming down the pipe were looking forward too like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Guardians of the Galaxy, Hunger Games, The Hobbit, etc.  However, lets take a moment and not let the big blockbusters blind us from some potentially great movies.  So here is my list of 4 movies that I’m looking forward to, that are probably not on your radar.


To start off the list we have The Judge.  The films puts juggernaunts Robert Downey Jr. on stage with Robert Duvall, and for good measure throws in Billy Bob Thorton as well.  These 3 guys together, it can only get interesting.   Downey Jr. plays a successful hot shot lawyer, and for unfortunate circumstances has to return home to rural Indiana.  He has an estranged relationship with his father Robert Duvall, who is a very pretegious judge.  However, his father is accused of murder and has to stand trail.  He will defend his father on trail for murder. The premise isn’t spectacular, but its not meant to be.  This will be a very witty and heavy character drama.  It’s probably oscar bait as well.  Then again, 3 legends get inside the ring, you need to watch that fight.


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