All cameras on The Newsroom

I’m excited to write about this one.  The newsroom is not a brand new series, it’s fairly young though.  It premiered in 2012 and has enjoyed two mostly successful seasons so far.  I’ve heard a lot about this show but never got the opportunity to watch it because I lacked HBO at the time.  I’ve been very familiar with what most consider it’s most potent scene.  A scene presented to the audience within the first 10 minutes of the pilot.  This tirade of a speech made my list of Top 8 TV monologues .


Heads up, the embedded link isn’t going to work on the page, every High Quality video of this scene I find doesn’t allow embedded to work.  Why they made this scene so un sharable is beyond me, but you should still take a moment to head over to Youtube and give it a view.


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