R.I.P Robin Williams

Yesterday, the entertainment industry lost one of its brightest stars.  Robin Williams is a comedic genius.  I will never use the past tense of “was” when referring to that.  His comedic presence will forever live on.  Robin Williams is one of the stars that resonates with my childhood.  Many wonderful things will be said and written about this man in the wake of his death.  Well, let me contribute to that, I feel like i have too.


What I remember most, was his seemingly boundless supply of energy.  Not just on-screen too, in interviews and guest appearances.  Robin Williams to me, had figured out… How to always be the person having the most fun in a room.  That’s inspiring to see! It was more inspiring to feel it.  I would like to share with you some of my favorite moments of Robin Williams.  Though the circumstances of his death make the tragedy more potent.  Let’s not focus on that today, lets share in what he made most of do, laugh.


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