Old Boy’s

For my very first post, I’m going to review two versions of the same story. We’re going to be taking a peek at OLD BOY.


The original Old Boy is a 2003 South Korean mystery thriller. It is actually the second movie of a trilogy of films by Director Park Chan-wook. It was a critical success , and we all know what critical foreign success means. Yes, thats right.. the inevitable american remake. This 2013 film is given to us by the courtesy of permanent NY Knicks tear collector Spike Lee.

The general story involves a man, who is kidnapped and impressed for 15+ years.  This prison is designed like a hotel room, there are no windows.. just a rotating painting of scenery to reflect night and day.  He is given no explaination as to why he is imprisoned.  All he has to keep himself occupied is a TV and paper in which to write.  Through a TV report he learns that he has been framed for the murder of his wife, and his daughter is now an orphan.  He spends much of the time in confinement planning an escape and preparing himself physically and mentally to get vengeance on his captor.  Right before his plan to escape he is suddenly released.  He is given the instructions that he has a few days to figure out two questions from his captor.  1. Who Am I ?  2. Why did I imprison you for 15 years?.  If he doesn’t solve the mystery in time, people he cares for will be killed.  If he does figure it out, his captor promises to kill himself as a reward.

Some spoilers below, but i wont ruin the big ones.


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