Maybe Not The Last

Let’s be honest, audiences love a good supernatural film. They almost tend to come and go in phases / fads. The 80’s were all about ghost and ghouls. The 90’s were dominated by vampires, and we are currently knee-deep in a zombie craze. There is nothing wrong with this, and every now and then we get a film that is trying to find its own space. That is what “The Last Witch Hunter” feels like the most. Vampires are substituted with “Witches”. The eerie dystopian scenery is instead filled by more modern scenery.  Replacing the young “teenage” hero with a large and some what menacing Vin Diesel.  “The Last Witch Hunter” isn’t rewriting any formulas,  but it becomes clear fairly quickly that it isn’t trying to. It just wants to be different, and excelling at those differences is what ultimately makes watching Vin Diesel’s Kaulder such a fun ride. Kaulder is cursed with immortality. A curse casted on him by the witch queen when he defeated her over 800 years ago. For that time period he has faithfully served an organization that maintains the balance between humans and witches called The Axe and Cross.


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He stole John Wick’s car and killed his dog….

I gotta admit, I kind of love these movies. Ever since I was a kid, a movie about an unstoppable bad ass is always fun. Lately though, the genre has become a little diluted.. I’m looking at you “Marine 3”. As easy as the genre was in years past, its increasingly difficult to pull it off just right. Make the protagonist too strong and it all kind of becomes silly. Make the antagonist too menacing and you’ll hate the protagonist for trying to do it all alone. In comes John Wick, a movie I had a really good feeling about since I first saw the trailer a few months ago.

The story follows the titular character John Wick. John is grieving the recent lost of his wife to a un-named disease. His wife’s final gesture was a new puppy, so that he wouldn’t be alone. John’s home is broken into by some Russian thugs, they steal his car and kill his dog for good measure. Now, robbed of everything he has ever loved. He can only think about one thing, vengeance.


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Dracula Untold, Worth Telling? Maybe …

There are few characters, in any medium that has had more exposure than Dracula himself. So here we go again, with another Dracula movie. This movie, a glimpse into the origin of the legend himself. Choosing to go with the Bram Stoker’s origin of Dracula being Vlad The Impaler.


The story follows Vlad as he tries to maintain a peace over his country of Transylvania. When the threat of the Turkish Empire becomes too real to ignore. He seeks out an ancient and evil power in which to combat the Turkish force. In this film, he is portrayed as an honorable family man, and his transition to becoming Dracula is an act of courage and sacrifice.  Many people feared this movie, its sounds pretty cheesy. However, I must admit, it’s actually a pretty fair movie.


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