He stole John Wick’s car and killed his dog….

I gotta admit, I kind of love these movies. Ever since I was a kid, a movie about an unstoppable bad ass is always fun. Lately though, the genre has become a little diluted.. I’m looking at you “Marine 3”. As easy as the genre was in years past, its increasingly difficult to pull it off just right. Make the protagonist too strong and it all kind of becomes silly. Make the antagonist too menacing and you’ll hate the protagonist for trying to do it all alone. In comes John Wick, a movie I had a really good feeling about since I first saw the trailer a few months ago.

The story follows the titular character John Wick. John is grieving the recent lost of his wife to a un-named disease. His wife’s final gesture was a new puppy, so that he wouldn’t be alone. John’s home is broken into by some Russian thugs, they steal his car and kill his dog for good measure. Now, robbed of everything he has ever loved. He can only think about one thing, vengeance.


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