A Maze Worth Running?

The Maze Runner joins the ever-growing list of movies adapted from novels.  This trend is here and it’s here to stay.  Fortunately for us, I think Hollywood is doing these pieces a good amount of justice.  The maze runner definitely has a target audience.  It’s next in line for the teen post apocalypse/dystopian future.  These are all the rage and you can’t blame any studio trying to cash in on while the going is hot.
The Maze Runner follows the story of young man named Thomas.  For reasons unbeknownst he wakes up in the surrounded by a group of teenage boys, not able to remember how he got there.  They inform him that he is now in the Maze, a complex labyrinth that changes nightly.  The maze is only open to them during the day and the runners traverse it daily looking for a way out.  Thomas is more curious than most and he desperately wants to figure out the mystery of who he is , why he is there, and what purpose the maze ultimately serves.


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