Let’s roll the tape : The Chronicles of Riddick Saga

When David Twohy wrote Pitch Black, I’m sure he didn’t imagine a trilogy would come out of it. Truthfully I think all Twohy wanted to do was write a good action horror movie. That action horror genre began to get a little stale in the late 90’s/early 2000’s. The horror genre was in the middle of shifting to more supernatural and/or gore that dominated the 2000s. David Twohy had a very simple story in its premise, the creature that go bump in the night. Vicious creatures who see in the dark. The premise isn’t really original but Twohy had the foresight to add an X-factor to the equation. The most famous character he’ll probably ever write, Riddick. An ex-con who has special eye-sight that allows him to see in the dark.


It wouldn’t be a stretch to see the influences Twohy took for the Riddick character: An ex-soilder, pilot, mercenary, wise cracking bad ass. More than anything Twohy wanted Riddick to be cool, the kind of cool the late 90s would respond too, and he was right. Pitch Black was a movie filmed on a modest budget and despite mixed reviews did exceptionally well in the box office. This is often how low-budget horror films work, you can probably set your watch too it now. Low budget horror films find success with audiences: The Blair¬†Witch project , Saw , The Purge. I want to say, low-budget allows for a better concentration of the narrative. However, all low-budget films don’t receive the kind of love that the horror genre tends to enjoy. ¬†The Chronicles of Riddick Saga is good example of how you can expand a franchise out of the horror/action genre for better and worse.


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