Ladies & Gentlemen , Now Introducing…

Apple is the most highly valued company in world today.  With its current market evaluation at 650+ billion dollars ( Yeah… with a “B” ).   The name most synonymous with that success is none other than Steve Jobs.   When you mention Steve Jobs, you will undoubtedly get a mix of different options and reactions: tech visionary,  egotistical maniac,  genius,  deadbeat dad,  passionate,  uncooperative,  and uncompromising just to name a few.  “Steve Jobs”,  the latest and hopefully last biopic of the late CEO of apple,  attempts to show you the man in all the light and dark avenues.   Regardless of how you feel about the late tech legend.  His impact is felt today all over the world.


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Space Can Be A Lonely Place

Space is always a setting that audiences can’t seem to get enough of and why would they? As the famous Star Trek saying goes, it’s the final frontier. It’s breath of mysterious gives hollywood film makers extreme latitude to flex their creative muscles. Chris Nolan’s Interstellar and Alfonso Cuarón Gravity may have given the genre a long over due boost, and Ridley Scott’s The Martian is looking to continue the momentum. Based on the best-selling book by Andy Weir of the same name. It chronicles the story of a lone astronaut stuck on Mars. The Martian is a powerful film about dealing with adversity using a broad spectrum of human emotion : courage, fear, optimistic, desperation and despair. It’s a strong work of fiction with a strong base in some real science, which gives the film a distinct edge.  Your not expecting space magic to save the day, just good old fashion human problem solving.


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How Dumb is Dumber To?

The quick answer, pretty damn dumb. You might be hard pressed to find a comedy more beloved as Dumb and Dumber. The king of slapstick buddy comedies, lead by an almost too funny to believe Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels. Fans wanted a sequel then and never got one. Instead they had to be content with bad spin offs like a prequel and a cartoon series. Maybe if those spin offs were successful, we would have seen this earlier, but it seemed Harry and Lloyd were well past dead. However, almost 20 years later fans will finally get what they asked for so many years ago. Did it stand the test of time?

The story kicks off 20 years after the end of the first film. If you recall, the original Dumb and Dumber was an adventure for Lloyd to find true love. It doesn’t quite work out for him. As a result, he ends up in a mental institution. He is in a complete catatonic state, not communicating with anybody. Harry being his loyal friend visits him frequently, always hoping Lloyd will “snap” out of it. Finally, Lloyd starts to utter some words, and his very first words happen to be “Got Ya!”. he faked it for 20 years just for a gag, and that is our first reintroduction to the not so glamorous world of Lloyd and Harry.


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