Hell Hath No “FURY”

“War never ends quietly” is the tagline of this film. Which seems very appropriate because the chosen vehicle for the loud noise of this film is a tank. In 1998 Steven Spielberg transformed the genre with “Saving Private Ryan”. A gritty film universally praised for its accurate and real portrayal of battle in WWII. This would open the flood gates of WWII material in entertainment as a whole. It starts out initially being close in tone to “Saving Private Ryan” but after 15 plus years you see the genre take a shift. No longer was the focus on grounded realism, but instead on idealistic satire. Quinton Tarantino 2013’s Inglorious bastards being a prime example (Still a great film!). FURY is an emphatic return to the tone of “Saving Private Ryan”.  It just may be the most realistic portrayal of WWII I have ever seen. It’s brutal, shocking and mostly uncompromising in the message it tries to communicate.

Fury takes place in the waning days of World War 2 during the invasion of Nazi Germany. You follow Don ‘WarDaddy’ Collier (Brad Pitt) as he commands a five man Sherman Tank affectionately named Fury. His veteran crew consist of Main Gunner Boyd ‘Bible’ (Shia LaBeouf), Loader/Mechanic Grady ‘Coon-Ass'(Jon bernthal) , Driver Trini ‘Gordo’ (Michael Pena). The crew recently loses its 5th man and is replaced with recently enlisted Norman. Norman has never seen the inside of a tank or been exposed to any battle. Needless to say, the war isn’t waiting on anybody. Norman is set to have one hell of a first day as the Fury immediately embarks on another mission in support of the allies push into Germany.


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4 Upcoming Movies Probably Not On Your Radar

We are officially half way done with 2014, and its been a pretty good year for films.  With plenty of movies still coming down the pipe were looking forward too like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Guardians of the Galaxy, Hunger Games, The Hobbit, etc.  However, lets take a moment and not let the big blockbusters blind us from some potentially great movies.  So here is my list of 4 movies that I’m looking forward to, that are probably not on your radar.


To start off the list we have The Judge.  The films puts juggernaunts Robert Downey Jr. on stage with Robert Duvall, and for good measure throws in Billy Bob Thorton as well.  These 3 guys together, it can only get interesting.   Downey Jr. plays a successful hot shot lawyer, and for unfortunate circumstances has to return home to rural Indiana.  He has an estranged relationship with his father Robert Duvall, who is a very pretegious judge.  However, his father is accused of murder and has to stand trail.  He will defend his father on trail for murder. The premise isn’t spectacular, but its not meant to be.  This will be a very witty and heavy character drama.  It’s probably oscar bait as well.  Then again, 3 legends get inside the ring, you need to watch that fight.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZBvK6ni97W8]

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