Where I might actually leave you…

Second from my list of 4 upcoming movies not on your radar is This is where I leave you. I was pretty excited about this movie. Mostly because I think 2014 has been a very down year for comedies. Just not many of substance, especially with an ensemble cast. I’m a huge fan of Tina Fey and Jason Bateman. I think they both possess an inhuman sense of comedic timing. They can make scenes funny. For a bonus I got some Jane Fonda too (Will you marry me?) my body was ready for this movie.


The story follows Judd as he returns home for the unfortunate passing of his father. Judd is reeling on the discovery of his wives infidelity with his Boss. His family is as dysfunctional as most movie families are. They are forced to sit Shiva for their fathers funeral, which is ironic because their father wasn’t deeply religious. Making it seven hours with each other probably would have been difficult, would they survive seven entire days?


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Reign Over Me

Reign Over Me is the story of two estranged friends reuniting. Adam Sandler plays Charlie Fineman. Charlie is seriously grief stricken man dealing with fallout of losing his entire family in the 911 attacks. It has been five years since the lost of his wife and three daughters. Don Cheadle plays Alan Johnson, Charlie’s old college room-mate. They happen to reunite randomly and begin to rekindle their friendship.

What follows is a story that does its absolute best to honest. It’s a story of growth and discovery in the face of immeasurable lost. It doesn’t hit on every note, it doesn’t see the forest for the trees. It has a bigger picture, but kind of stumbles over itself to get there.


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