5 Upcoming movies that may not be on your radar 2015

We’re half way through 2015. I took a small break from the doing reviews. Found myself focusing too much on what I was going to write, rather than just enjoying the film. The break was uplifting and now im back to share. Shout outs to my supporters who kept asking and encouraging for more content, I do it for you guys. ¬†It seemed appropriate to highlight some of the upcoming films I’m excited about.

99 Homes

99 Homes is actually not a new film. It debuted last year at the Toronto International Film Festival. To American audiences it will serve as Andy Garfield’s return to the silver screen after the lukewarm reception of “The Amazing Spider Man 2”. 99 Homes is a psychological thriller about struggling single father who is evicted from his home due to some corrupt real estate practices of Rick Carver, portrayed by BroadWalk Empire’s Michael Shannon. In his desperation, he is soon forced to work for Carver. His initial success is soon confronted with the immoral pitfalls of forcing¬†people through the same shady eviction process as the one he fell victim to.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vh0piQN1_LY]

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Cross the Galaxy with Interstellar

Christopher Nolan is arguably the most popular director in the world. This is a double edge sword because his popularity is so polarizing: you love him unconditionally or can’t stand him. He described Interstellar as a passion project and his most ambitious adventure yet. This seems difficult to understand because of how ambitious his previous work has been. This is the man revived Batman and probably comic book movies in general. He then goes on to create some truly inspired work with Inception. So what makes this work so ambitious? It’s not the story, it’s the setting. Space is a place where many a movie goes to die and pulling a compelling sci-fi drama about space exploration can be tricky.

Interstellar is about an earth in the not too distant future. This earth is a very different place. Ravaged by global pathogen that makes growing crops extremely difficult. Matthew McConaughey plays Cooper, a former NASA pilot who is now a farmer of one of Earth’s last remaining crops, corn. He loves the time gets to spend with his family, especially that of his young daughter Murph. Advancements and research in technology have been globally halted instead to concentrate on survival, making farmers way more valuable than engineers. Cooper never got to go into space as a NASA pilot, and is barely coping with the realization that he’ll never get the chance too. However, circumstance find Cooper reunited with an old NASA colleague Prof Brand portrayed by Michael Cane. Who informs him that the situation is far worst than the public know. The only hope is a deep space exploration mission to find a brand new home world for the people of earth, and he wants Cooper to pilot the mission.


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