Dig Deep : Why “Korra” is a better series than “The Last Airbender”

It has been a tremulous three years, but The Legend of Korra has finally come to its conclusion.  A conclusion that is receiving a big reaction from fans and non fans alike. If you watch enough TV these days, you may be familiar with the notion of a ship.  A ship is the desired romantic relationship between two characters of a show. Some of the more famous ships in TV history are : Racheal and Chandler from friends (Rachandler), Jack and Sam from Stargate SG1 (Jam), Cory and Topanga from Boy Meets World (Copanga). The Legend of Korra ended with the confirmation of a popular ship between Korra and Asami (Korasami).  A relationship that was hinted at many times throughout the show, especially in the final season. It started as a long shot, with many fans being convinced the show would never go there. They weren’t wrong to think that.  Outside of some Japanese anime, there has never been a gay relationship on the main stage of any american cartoon show. The show creators decided to go there, and I think the show is ultimately better for it. For a show that had such a successful predecessor and yet carve its own road in rich and engaging way.



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