Keeping your FOCUS

Will Smith is nothing short of a box office titan. As I’m writing this, his films have grossed a combined total of over 6.5 Billion Dollars. He holds the record for consecutive films grossing at least 100 million dollars at 8. His recent films like “Men in Black 3” or “Seven Pounds” put a minor damper on an otherwise pristine resume. Then it happened, and by it I mean “After Earth”. A film so universally hated it made Will Smith publically doubt himself and his future in the business. Focus in a lot of ways is Will Smith’s return to form. Not necessarily his money printing form, but a role he is comfortable portraying on camera.

Focus follows a┬ácharacter named Nicky “Mellow” Spurgeon. He is a legacy con-man like his father and the father before him. Nicky is calm, cool, collected and most importantly experienced. He happens across a small time con-artist named Jess. He was initially a mark for her own game, and out of “professional curiosity” he let it play out. When she finally comes to realize who he is, and how good he is. She desperately compels him to teach her the ropes. Nicky doesn’t seem too keen on teaching, but he may see something a little special in Jess.


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