Ladies & Gentlemen , Now Introducing…

Apple is the most highly valued company in world today.  With its current market evaluation at 650+ billion dollars ( Yeah… with a “B” ).   The name most synonymous with that success is none other than Steve Jobs.   When you mention Steve Jobs, you will undoubtedly get a mix of different options and reactions: tech visionary,  egotistical maniac,  genius,  deadbeat dad,  passionate,  uncooperative,  and uncompromising just to name a few.  “Steve Jobs”,  the latest and hopefully last biopic of the late CEO of apple,  attempts to show you the man in all the light and dark avenues.   Regardless of how you feel about the late tech legend.  His impact is felt today all over the world.


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All cameras on The Newsroom

I’m excited to write about this one.  The newsroom is not a brand new series, it’s fairly young though.  It premiered in 2012 and has enjoyed two mostly successful seasons so far.  I’ve heard a lot about this show but never got the opportunity to watch it because I lacked HBO at the time.  I’ve been very familiar with what most consider it’s most potent scene.  A scene presented to the audience within the first 10 minutes of the pilot.  This tirade of a speech made my list of Top 8 TV monologues .


Heads up, the embedded link isn’t going to work on the page, every High Quality video of this scene I find doesn’t allow embedded to work.  Why they made this scene so un sharable is beyond me, but you should still take a moment to head over to Youtube and give it a view.


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