it all started here.

In the Spring semester of 1977, 20 young men were united on the campus of Eastern Kentucky University with a common goal of bringing a new Fraternity to campus. These progressive and forward thinking young men were brought together by a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. named James Turley who had joined Phi Beta Sigma through the Epsilon Theta chapter while studying at Western Kentucky University. Transferring to Eastern Kentucky University, he wished to bring the organization with him.

On March 24, 1977, 16 young men, known simply as "The Mean Sixteen"; would become the Charter Line of the Iota Delta chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Incorporated. Quickly, the Iota Delta chapter became one of the largest fraternities on campus. At the height of the chapter, Iota Delta's membership rose to over 40 members on Eastern Kentucky University's campus and at one time was known as the largest undergraduate chapter in all of the fraternity. Iota Delta's popularity was matched by its success; Over the years, Phi Beta Sigma has served the Richmond community and has excelled through the principles of Brotherhood, Scholarship, and Service and has won many awards. Today, Iota Delta is still recognized as a force to be wrecking with due to its attention to scholarship and service to the campus and to the city at large.


A true champion of "First", the Iota Delta chapter of Phi Beta Sigma is the first and only Culturally Based Fraternal Organization to have a Homecoming King in Brother Cory Clark (Who is Eastern Kentucky University's only Black Homecoming King), and the only Culturally Based Fraternal Organization to have a non-African American Chapter President in Brother Benjamin Dunn, and the first to have a graduation commencement speaker in Brother Keith Douglas. Other first include having an SGA Executive Vice President in Brother DaJuane Harris, as well as having two Greek Man Of the Year Recipients (Brother Cory Clark and Brother Latrell Floyd).


Since "The Mean Sixteen" Charter Line, the Iota Delta Chapter has never shed away from diversity. Throughout the years, our chapter has welcomed the ranks of many races and cultural backgrounds. Following the guided direction set forth by our Founders, Iota Delta has always sought to be a part of the community, as opposed to being apart from the community - so we have always recruited members based on quality, regardless of race, skin complexion, religion, national background, or sexual orientation. Our Founders thought that an organization of like-minded men who were all alike would be pretty dull and we have followed that mindset.


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