You are currently viewing 5 Upcoming movies that may not be on your radar 2015

5 Upcoming movies that may not be on your radar 2015

We’re half way through 2015. I took a small break from the doing reviews. Found myself focusing too much on what I was going to write, rather than just enjoying the film. The break was uplifting and now im back to share. Shout outs to my supporters who kept asking and encouraging for more content, I do it for you guys.  It seemed appropriate to highlight some of the upcoming films I’m excited about.

99 Homes

99 Homes is actually not a new film. It debuted last year at the Toronto International Film Festival. To American audiences it will serve as Andy Garfield’s return to the silver screen after the lukewarm reception of “The Amazing Spider Man 2”. 99 Homes is a psychological thriller about struggling single father who is evicted from his home due to some corrupt real estate practices of Rick Carver, portrayed by BroadWalk Empire’s Michael Shannon. In his desperation, he is soon forced to work for Carver. His initial success is soon confronted with the immoral pitfalls of forcing people through the same shady eviction process as the one he fell victim to.


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The Intern

Comedies aren’t what they use to be, and that’s a great thing. The best comedies were headlined by actors we more or less identified as comedians. Now, many different actors branch out and accept roles just to show off their comedic flare. This films stars the unusual combination of Robert D’niro and Anne Hathaway. Hathaway stars as Jules the CEO of a young fashion e-commerce company. She participates in a community outreach program that hires a senior citizen as an intern. Initially seen as a relic and a chore, his old school work ethic might be just what the company needs.


Police Story Lock Down

Few faces are as synonymous with martial arts as Jackie Chan. Police Story is considered one of if not thee best movie of his career. It was the movie that launched him into the spot light of western audiences. This film is also not new, having premiere overseas in 2013. However, the police story brand will always deserve a mention. Considered a stand alone installment with a darker tone, the different angle makes it even more appealing. While, I’m not thrilled that another franchise has succumb to “dark and gritty”, I’m interested to see how Jackie Chan handles this kind of source material.  He must have some confidence in it, considering he attached one of his strongest brands to it.


Mr. Holmes

What I know about this movie is sparse. What I do know is that it’s a story about a much older Sherlock Holmes. Old enough in fact that he is struggling with his memory. Sherlock Holmes’s intellect is the most amazing thing about him. So to present him with a story line that directly confronts his frailness in this regard is at the very least interesting.  No doubt Ian McKellen will bring alot to this kind of role and I’m already sold he can pull off a much more seasoned Sherlock.



Love it or hate it, Rocky is iconic. Considered by many to one of the most uplifting stories every put on the silver screen. Rocky training montages are still influencing movies today.  We are now presented with a spiritual sequel of sorts. Moving away from Rocky as the titular character to that of his most recognizable rival’s son Adonis Creed. In my personal opinion, this is how you continue a story. A lot of franchises have a difficult time moving away from the characters that made them relevant *cough* I’m looking at you terminator. Adonis Creed is portrayed by upcoming actor Michael B. Jordan.  Jordan’s preparation for the role is apparent, as the usually slim star has packed on serious muscle since his Friday Night Light days. A lot of the tone seems in place, now we can only wait and see if they can re-capture the same kind of magic that Rocky Had.


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